New product - grinding card electric airless paint machine series

Grinding card airless spray-painting machine series products are designed for professional paint, anti-leakage engineering and product spraying production line, from a wide range of applications, such as wood products industry, construction industry, indoor and outdoor decoration and other industries.

Grinding card airless spray machine using excellent electronic pressure induction control system technology, in different applications and operating environments can maintain the ideal spraying atomization effect. The piston pump and direct gear system, the full-tight fan-cooled DC DC motors (models MPS-3.21,MPS*3.23 and MPS-3.25) and the brushless motors (models MPS-3.31 and MPS-3.34) are designed for the demands of long working hours and high volume spraying operations. The pump filter element is easy to disassemble and clean. Grinding card airless spray painting machine in addition to the above advantages, but also has convenient operation, fast maintenance, easy to clean and other characteristics.

* High painting efficiency.

* Excellent surface quality, spray layer smooth, smooth, compact.

* Enhanced paint adhesion, singing layer life

Easily overcome corners, gaps, and uneven areas that are difficult to brush.

* Save paint and cost.