About Us

Focusing on the high-end tightening and grinding tools market, Mahomagar(UK) Industrial Co.Ltd is responsible for the development of MOKA grinding tools and sales in China in cooperation with Mahomagar(UK) Industrial Co. LTD. Grinding card power tools mainly include fixed torque oil pressure pulse tools, clutch fixed torque tools such as tightening tools, grinding tools, riveting tools and other industry tools.

Mahomagar(UK)Industrial Co.Ltd is one of the best industrial power tools. It is produced under the strict supervision of Mahomagar(UK)Industrial Co. LTD. MOKA Card grinding Tool is headquartered in Tianjin, China. Grinding card tools combined with the market feedback of the shape design, using the world's advanced research and development system, professional manufacturing with high cost performance of the full series of power tools. The core technology of MOKA card grinding tool keeps pace with The Times, and constantly integrates cutting-edge high-tech technology; MOKA stick grinding tools adhere to strict control of product quality and safety performance, so always maintain high quality and innovation.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the MOKA grinding industry has continuously improved and innovated, and developed more than 400 products for sale and use in many countries and regions around the world. And by the automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, motorcycle manufacturing, bicycle and electric bicycle manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, wind power manufacturing, engine manufacturing, mold manufacturing, casting industry, furniture manufacturing industry, oil equipment manufacturing, construction machinery, aviation and other general industry and equipment fields, has been widely used and quality recognition by customers.